Club Philosophy

Collectively as coaches, the values and principles we practice can have significant an impact on global culture, and consequently we have an ethical responsibility to make a positive difference. Our roles within Golden Coast Beach Volleyball Club offer us this chance.

The intention of Golden Coast Beach Volleyball club is to create an environment that educates, reinforces and rewards good ethical behavior, with the primary consideration being that the game of beach volleyball never comes first before character. Our focus is on developing great beach volleyball players and thoughtful and successful citizens.

As coaches it is important that we also live what we preach, and display those very same principles of ethical conduct, on and off the court.

Part of the ethical responsibility that sport has to create a better world centers around inclusion and recognizing everyone ability to contribute.

Therefore it is important for us as coaches and administrators that we do everything our power to create an environment that does not discriminate against any of the diverse populations that exist in the community.

With inclusion as a meaningful component of our coaching philosophy we endorse ongoing initiatives to support athletes in financial hardship and raising awareness of the disabled version of the game of volleyball.




Hayden Jones

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