Our Girls Program

Hayden Jones established the Golden Coast Beach Volleyball Club in 2015 with the goal of creating a world class beach volleyball program for girls.

Through a base of sound coaching fundamentals along with a few modern initiatives and  passion for the game we feel confident that our programs will assist in helping every individual to reach their potential in the sport of beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball has traditionally been a very athlete-centered sport with athletes taking responsibility for what happens on the court and coaches playing a supporting role, however with ‘sand volleyball’ soon to become an official NCAA sport, it anticipated that changes will begin to alter this dynamic.

We feel as leaders in the sport that we have a responsibility to serve and protect the very important athlete-centered characteristics of the game within our program.

Pic for poster 7

Registration for our all our programs are made through the

Huntington Beach City website at http://www.hbsands.org


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