The Essential Beach Volleyball Drill Book

If you are passionate about becoming the best beach volleyball player or coach you can be we really think you are going to love this drill-book.

The book contains 114 beach volleyball specific drills in a easily understood format and additional to written descriptions of each drill, each page contains a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone to take you directly to youtube video demonstrations of each drill. QR_Code_finalAs far as we know this is the most comprehensive beach volleyball drill instruction manual available!

essentialbeachvolleyball_spiral01Misty May (3 x Olympic Gold Medalist) “I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn our sport and this book written by Hayden Jones provides that foundation. The book explains and provides drills that can be used from the novice player through advanced. It is nice to have a resource like this that can help you achieve your goals as a player. Whether you are by yourself or with a group the drills in this book can be modified to fit the situation and having those options is nice to have.”

Kerri Pottharst (Olympic Gold Medal in Sydney in 2000) “Congratulations Hayden. It’s an awesome book. I use it every week for ideas and inspiration!”

Jonas Reckermann (Olympic Gold Medal in London 2012) “All in all: Great book, this will be a great help for coaches and autodidacts.”

Jacob Gibb (two time Olympian) “This book of drills is great for players of all levels. My off season consists of 90% drills and 10% playing matches. It’s important to know your own personal weakness and then drill it until it becomes your strength. These drills are great for developing correct habits and improving your all around game.”

Ryan Doherty – “I’m glad somebody finally wrote that book.”


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