Congratulations on choosing to be involved in the development of beach volleyball at the very grass roots. You could very well be the coach that ignites a lifelong passion for the game.

This program was designed from the bottom up, rather than the top down, and what I mean by that is that most programs are based on the regulation game and modified down to meet the needs of the younger / inexperienced athlete. This program was designed from the bottom up, conceived after hours of balloon volley in the living room with my 2 year old son.

By working cooperatively with him I could increase the number of repetitions he was experiencing, make it more enjoyable, and dramatically accelerate the learning curve. Long rallies are more fun and with cooperative challenges the rallies last longer.

The basic concept of the CO-OP VOLLEY program is that it is cooperative and it was designed to introduce beach volleyball to 6 to 10 year olds.

Athletes on either side of the net, work together to achieve long rallies without the ball hitting the ground, and these rallies have specific rules, which correlate to levels of difficulty.

When two kids successfully achieve a specific level they obtain a reward, which is a sticker placed within their SAND MONSTER comic book, and then they move on to the next level challenge.

After obtaining a certain level, an athlete can also ‘assist’ other athletes to obtain that ‘level’ and gain ‘assist credits’ which will be recorded by stickers attached to the back of the comic.


1) Athletes get more quality contacts on the ball.

Athletes learn best when they are contacting the ball and anticipating and reacting to stimulus. The COOP VOLLEY program creates significantly more opportunity for contacts on the ball than modified / age appropriate versions of the traditional game of volleyball.

2) The program is easy to set up set up and run.

No need to set up court lines, all that is required is a net and balls.

3) The program increases accessibility of the game to younger audiences and provides a fun introduction to the sport.



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