Yes!!!!!! The city of Huntington Beach has given us permission run adult classes this summer.

I invite you to join the Golden Coast Beach Volleyball Club coaches for our 6 week summer beach volleyball classes.

The classes themselves are up online but registration will not open until 14 days out.

Our spring training block starts on July 20th and 22rd and runs for 6 weeks.

Trainings are held at the courts where 15th Street meets PCH.

Our beginner class runs on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm-7:40pm.

The sands activity number for the beginner class is 351313

July 20th through till August 24th


Our intermediate class runs on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-7:40pm.

The sands activity number for the intermediate class is 351311

July 22nd through till August 26th


Except for the first and last night, and the level, (which influences drill difficulty) our trainings will follow a similar format. On the first night we play a bunch of ‘one on one voleste’ in order to give you an opportunity to meet everyone and on the last night we host a friendly tournament.

Otherwise during weeks 2 – 7 we will spend the first 5-10 minutes running through a variety of warm up drills aimed at getting the blood flowing and becoming familiar with the conditions present on the night.

The next 40-45 minutes we focus on a specific skill. We start with isolated drills before moving towards ‘grills’ (or game/drills) where the particular skill of focus initiates the ‘grill’ or is a focus within a game.

The last part of the training we play regulation games. Participants often play on after the scheduled end of training, while I pack up the equipment.

Week 1 focus: Forearm passing
Week 2 Focus: Forearm passing (part 2)
Week 3 Focus: Serving
Week 4 Focus: Setting
Week 5 Focus: Spiking
Week 6 Focus: Defense
Week 7 Focus: Putting it all together

Look forward to meeting you all in July!

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